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Hearty Persian rice with apple and banana

July 27, 2016

A family classic: Hearty Persian rice with apple and banana

You read that right, this hearty dinner incorporates apples and banana – and it’s amazing. It’s a meal I grew up on, the recipe for which has been passed on to my mom from my grandmother. She was always cooking and reading cookbooks and magazines for inspiration, and I’m pretty certain she got this recipe out of one of the¬†ladies’ magazines she subscribed to sometime in the seventies. Continue Reading

A healthy lentil lunch receipe

April 8, 2016

A lentil lunch receipe -
Can I call this a receipe? I’m not sure – that’s how easy this is. As we are going away for the weekend I literally threw together some leftovers from the fridge and created this. It tastes really good, definitely some steps above the average ‘let’s throw this shit together’ kinda meal, and much more like comfort food than the healthy lunch it really is. Also: greek yoghurt + spicy Continue Reading

Avocado lunch receipe

July 31, 2015

Avocado lunch recipe | Weird at Heart


Okay, so maybe ‘receipe’ is a bit of a big word here. It is quite an awesome lunch though, that can perfectly substitute as a light dinner too. Take my word for it, I’ve tried it quite some times over the past few weeks. It’s really easy to put together, all it takes is a little bit of chopping, some crumbling, and a slight drizzle here and there and it’s done. Continue Reading