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11 changes to make in your 30s

October 26, 2017
11 changes to make in your 30s | Weird at Heart

Photo by Yoann Boyer


Don’t worry – these changes to make in your 30s do not constitute of me telling you that you can’t put on a miniskirt or wear your hair a certain way now that you’re in your thirties – I love my crop tops and plan to be a long haired, tutu wearing old lady one day. But now that I’ve been on the other side of thirty for a while there are some changes I feel are worth making when you’re no longer in your twenties. And I’m nothing if not helpful, so I’ll share my 11 changes to make in your 30s with you today. My pleasure.  Continue Reading

Surprise trip to London

January 25, 2017

Surprise trip to London - London Eye | Weird at Heart

The Shard, the Globe, Camden Market, Oxford Street… Can you guess where I went? Why, of course you can. I put it in the title, so you’d have to be really daft not to have guessed. So yes, you’re right: I was in London last weekend! And the best thing of all? I didn’t have a clue I was going to be. Continue Reading

Tales on Tuesday – Webinar, schmebinar

January 10, 2017

‘If I could do it, then so can you. And I WANT YOU TO HAVE THIS!!’ ‘Three years ago I never would have thought I’d have a successful company, but look at me today..!’ ‘You did WHAT?! Are you CRAZY? That’s what my wife yelled at me when she heard how much I invested in Facebook advertising, but boy did she change her tone when I took her to Tahiti two months later!’ ’16 steps to creating a winning Facebook marketing strategy’ ‘Great opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs that want to grow their sales!’ ‘My 7 secret steps for getting better at EVERYTHING!!’ You want this, Sarah. Don’t you? DON’T YOU?! Continue Reading

Tales on Tuesday – When everything changes

January 3, 2017

When everything changes | a personal story about my breakup
On January 1st, 2016 I found myself hungover from an amazing Great Gatsby-themed party where I celebrated NYE and my anniversary with Max (and won the prize for best costume – female!), and full of expectations for the new year after I had quit my job to redefine my purpose in life. Smack dab in the middle of a course to help me with that, I had great plans of starting my own business, writing a book, organizing events and turning travel into a way of live. I also dreamed of Continue Reading

Tales on Tuesday – Istanbul with Rambo

August 2, 2016

Tales on Tuesday - Istanbul with Rambo

There I go, my suitcase trailing behind me. The bus just stopped on the empty corner of a big square in the center of Istanbul, and as everyone else got off I thought it best to follow suit. I have no idea where to go, so I decide to move in the general direction of where the crowd seems to be. As usual, I’m ill-prepared. Continue Reading

Tales on Tuesday – A narrow mind

July 19, 2016

Tales on Tuesday - A narrow mind

‘They have never been in a bookstore before. They have no clue how to find a book here, and wouldn’t think to have a look around. They simply come to the counter with the title they need, and expect us to get it for them.’ She sighs defeated as she says it. Continue Reading

Tales on Tuesday – Goodbye, nan

June 7, 2016

Tales on Tuesday - Goodbye nan
The hint of red that the sun brings out in my hair, I get from her. Although I have never known her to be anything but a silvery-white, she’d tell stories of how the other kids teased her with her bright red hair. She despised it, but I loved it – love it still. Continue Reading