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July 2015

Avocado lunch receipe

July 31, 2015

Avocado lunch recipe | Weird at Heart


Okay, so maybe ‘receipe’ is a bit of a big word here. It is quite an awesome lunch though, that can perfectly substitute as a light dinner too. Take my word for it, I’ve tried it quite some times over the past few weeks. It’s really easy to put together, all it takes is a little bit of chopping, some crumbling, and a slight drizzle here and there and it’s done. Continue Reading

Summer lounging

July 30, 2015


hanging tent
Summer in the Netherlands is not great at the moment. In fact, we’ve just had the worst July storm in Dutch history and it’s been overall fall weather for the last few weeks. During the last two-day stint of summer, I got around to repainting the small table and chairs on our balcony. We saved¬†the set from the in-laws when they moved out of their previous apartment and were about to throw it, but it was a rusty, filthy mess. Continue Reading

Cups by Pols Potten

July 29, 2015

Pols Potten
I’ve been eyeing this pattern by Pols Potten for quite a while. In grey, blue and black it’s a lot darker than what I usually go for in dinnerware, but for some reason this specific pattern got me mesmerized. I really, really like it. I’d been seeing it on a set of bread plates in one shop, and then on a salad bowl in another, but I never got to actually purchasing any. I prefer my breakfast sandwich on a lighter plate, and I just didn’t need another salad bowl, really. Continue Reading