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Friday Favorite – PIETenKEES

April 29, 2016

Shop PIETenKEES is such a fairytale in pastels, you'll find someone to gift some cotton candy sweetness for sure! -
Iris Revers is the woman behind Etsy shop PIETenKEES, where furry llamas and fairy-tale ladies mix it up with colorful little abstracts, flower crowned bunnies, and everything else that dreams are made of. And if this sounds amazing, that’s because it is.  Continue Reading

Friday Favorite – Free Hug Sofa

April 22, 2016

Friday favorite: Free Hug Sofa -
Yes, yes, yes! If you’re an avid reader like myself, you know that the struggle is real. Especially when you also just happen to be slightly on the short side in a country of giants. At 1.55 or 5’1 I stand a good 20 cm below most of my female friends, and at least 30 below the guys. Talking to people in loud bars is nearly impossible, which is why I dance. But that’s not the struggle I’m talking about. I’m talking about sitting. Continue Reading

Bedroom inspiration: bedding and duvets

October 1, 2015

Bedroom inspiration - bedding and duvets | Neutral and light, dark and moody, colorful or filled with pattern... What is your favored style for the bedroom? Click through to read the full post on style inspiration for the bedroom.
One small project at a time the house is slowly becoming ours, instead of just his. The bedroom was mostly left out of the redecorating process, but last week we finally got around to plastering the walls there. My parents came over and with a little (a lotta) help from my dad who actually knows how to do it, the four of us did all of the plastering ourselves. I feel like such a pro now. A lot of other work Continue Reading

DIY: Marquee letters inspired lamp

September 22, 2015


DIY: Marquee letters inspired lamp | Marquee letters are a big trend right now, but they can be quite costly. Here we'll show you how to make this lamp for just a few bucks - woohoo! Click through for the full description.
I’ve been seeing beautiful marquee letters inspired lamps all over Pinterest for a while, and decided it was time to try my hand at one. Since moving in with the boyfriend I’ve been using the globe that was a birthday present long ago in what probably were my early teens (or even before that?). It is still one of my favorite objects, but I strained my eyes trying to read by the little light it gives. And what use is a nightlight you can’t comfortably read by? Continue Reading

Summer lounging

July 30, 2015


hanging tent
Summer in the Netherlands is not great at the moment. In fact, we’ve just had the worst July storm in Dutch history and it’s been overall fall weather for the last few weeks. During the last two-day stint of summer, I got around to repainting the small table and chairs on our balcony. We saved the set from the in-laws when they moved out of their previous apartment and were about to throw it, but it was a rusty, filthy mess. Continue Reading

Cups by Pols Potten

July 29, 2015

Pols Potten
I’ve been eyeing this pattern by Pols Potten for quite a while. In grey, blue and black it’s a lot darker than what I usually go for in dinnerware, but for some reason this specific pattern got me mesmerized. I really, really like it. I’d been seeing it on a set of bread plates in one shop, and then on a salad bowl in another, but I never got to actually purchasing any. I prefer my breakfast sandwich on a lighter plate, and I just didn’t need another salad bowl, really. Continue Reading