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April 2016

Friday Favorite – PIETenKEES

April 29, 2016

Shop PIETenKEES is such a fairytale in pastels, you'll find someone to gift some cotton candy sweetness for sure! -
Iris Revers is the woman behind Etsy shop PIETenKEES, where furry llamas and fairy-tale ladies mix it up with colorful little abstracts, flower crowned bunnies, and everything else that dreams are made of. And if this sounds amazing, that’s because it is.  Continue Reading

Tales on Tuesday – Soundtrack

April 26, 2016
Tales on Tuesday: Soundtrack -

Photo: Wim Sonius

Dusk is falling as we walk onto the gangway. Above us the first stars slowly start to show as white specks in a progressively darker sky. Carefully we make our path through palm trees and carnivorous plants, when suddenly we hear a familiar tune. In the depths below us a string quartet has just started playing the main title of Game of Thrones. Continue Reading

Friday Favorite – Free Hug Sofa

April 22, 2016

Friday favorite: Free Hug Sofa -
Yes, yes, yes! If you’re an avid reader like myself, you know that the struggle is real. Especially when you also just happen to be slightly on the short side in a country of giants. At 1.55 or 5’1 I stand a good 20 cm below most of my female friends, and at least 30 below the guys. Talking to people in loud bars is nearly impossible, which is why I dance. But that’s not the struggle I’m talking about. I’m talking about sitting. Continue Reading

Tales on Tuesday – Under the stars

April 12, 2016

Tales on Tuesday: Under the stars -

Diversity is a hot topic. Should we take in more or less refugees? Do we want more or less international cooperation? And should borders that have been opened in recent decades be closed again? Interestingly enough, religion is often mentioned as a big theme in the debate surrounding diversity. ‘Islam is a violent and hateful religion.’ ‘Our Judeo-Christian tradition is under threat.’ Continue Reading

A healthy lentil lunch receipe

April 8, 2016

A lentil lunch receipe -
Can I call this a receipe? I’m not sure – that’s how easy this is. As we are going away for the weekend I literally threw together some leftovers from the fridge and created this. It tastes really good, definitely some steps above the average ‘let’s throw this shit together’ kinda meal, and much more like comfort food than the healthy lunch it really is. Also: greek yoghurt + spicy Continue Reading