A week without WiFi in the Dominican Republic

August 10, 2015

Palm trees
Having only just started this new blog of mine, I was adamant that I should keep up posting once a day, even if I was going away on a short holiday. I had written a few posts that just needed a little bit of touching up, which I would do while waiting at the airport and during my layover, and then of course I would post some photos and tidbits of the holiday while I was on it. It felt good having a game plan.

Of course – and obviously –  it didn’t work out like that. Wifi at the airport was shitty to say the least. There was no free wifi, but if I sat at the right place I had access to some luxury club’s internet. It barely worked on my phone though, and not at all on the laptop. Then when I arrived at the over-the-top deluxe all inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic that was my destination, it turned out that my standard package did not include wifi. Apparently this was reserved for even more over-the-top deluxe guests.

I was at the resort to attend a wedding (more on that later!) and I had an absolutely marvelous week, but alas, no blogging was to be done. Nor work, for that matter. It was, in fact, a holiday in its truest form. Laying by the pool or at the beach, sipping pina coladas and mohitos and reading a book or two I was able to truly relax and let go. And let me tell you, that has been a while.

No need to point out that some of the stress definitely returned at the sight of the state of my inboxes when I came back, but all in all, I feel refreshed and very ready to get back at it again. Monday, I will kick your butt.

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