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May 3, 2016

April recap: Amsterdam houses - http://weirdatheart.com/april-recap/ ‎
Ah, April. A lot of things happened, and I forgot to take pictures of most of it. But still, there’s more than enough to share. Prince died, and it snowed in April, just like he said it might. But. We also finally saw the first tidings of the summer to come here in the Netherlands.

My month started off with a journalism workshop in Amsterdam. I learned so much and can’t wait to bring it all into practice in my work. Loads of small changes have already been made, and many more are yet to come. It is so nice to broaden your knowledge and get fresh inspiration. I’ve made it my goal to do more things like this in the coming months.

April recap: Amsterdam - http://weirdatheart.com/april-recap/
And such a captivating place it is, Amsterdam. The skies were grey, but who cares when the view is this good? And to think that this didn’t even make it into the picture of that guy shooting his girlfriend. I have to go back soon to check out what was behind me there.

April also saw me doing a teensy bit of bathroom renovating. I painted the ugly sink backdrop in a really pale shade of blue, and it made all the difference in the world.

April recap: bathroom renovation collage - http://weirdatheart.com/april-recap/
So that’s the before, than with the primer you need to add before painting over tiles, and finally during the painting process. And I’m so happy with the result!

April recap: bathroom renovation - http://weirdatheart.com/april-recap/

April recap: bathroom renovation - http://weirdatheart.com/april-recap/
We went away for a weekend, with the boyfriend’s mum and that whole side of the family. There was good weather, too much food, loads of swimming and walking, and even more bad pictures. Luckily there were some cute animals as well, now here to safe the day.

April recap: farm animals - http://weirdatheart.com/april-recap/

April recap: after swimming - http://weirdatheart.com/april-recap/
This is me getting #real. A few of us after swimming our butts off. I’ve heard it say that the chlorine smell in swimming pools comes from chloroform, that is used as disinfectant. And also, you know, by every movie villain that wants to knock you out in order to kidnap you. No wonder then that we all have what can only be described as medium-sized handbags under our eyes. There was tea though. And sun, wine and beer. And good company. All in all a great weekend.

April recap: garden center flowers - http://weirdatheart.com/april-recap/

April recap: garden center cactus - http://weirdatheart.com/april-recap/
I visited a garden center, and tried not to take too many plants home. I also got called out on Instagram for the colorful miniature cactus pic. I was wondering why mine never bloom, but apparently the flowers on these are fake. I feel so much better about my gardening skills now. The more I’m watching the photo though, the more obviously fake those round little things seem. Not feeling so great about my skills of perception.

And then on the way back from the gardening center I saw this, everywhere, underneath my feet. Happy days.

April recap: grass flowers - http://weirdatheart.com/april-recap/
I had meetings with the best of people in cozy places, and biked through lovely spots to get there.

April recap: co-working - http://weirdatheart.com/april-recap/

April recap: water, trees and boat view - http://weirdatheart.com/april-recap/

April recap: water and farmhouse view - http://weirdatheart.com/april-recap/

April recap: sheep on the road - http://weirdatheart.com/april-recap/

April recap: strawberry cake - http://weirdatheart.com/april-recap/
It does always, for some reason, seem that co-working equals eating pie for lunch. No problem with that.

We also had our first dinner on the balcony this month! That’s officially the start of the summer season for me.

April recap: balcony wrap dinner - http://weirdatheart.com/april-recap/
And then there was Kingsday, the national Dutch holiday where we celebrate the birthday of our King. Orange is the magic word here. Sadly I cannot find one picture of us actually celebrating, but that’s probably a good thing. Much alcohol was consumed, and not enough food to keep up. It was a great day though, and I celebrated on Instagram with orange tulips.

April recap: Kingsday orange tulips - http://weirdatheart.com/april-recap/

And that brings us to the end of April. An awesome month, and May promises to be at least just as good. Bring it on, I say!

For now I will leave you with some beautiful skies I got to watch from my desk at home. I guess Holland is not famous for it skies for nothing.

April recap: beautiful skies - http://weirdatheart.com/april-recap/

April recap: beautiful skies - http://weirdatheart.com/april-recap/


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