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Friday Favorite – Free Hug Sofa

April 22, 2016

Friday favorite: Free Hug Sofa -
Yes, yes, yes! If you’re an avid reader like myself, you know that the struggle is real. Especially when you also just happen to be slightly on the short side in a country of giants. At 1.55 or 5’1 I stand a good 20 cm below most of my female friends, and at least 30 below the guys. Talking to people in loud bars is nearly impossible, which is why I dance. But that’s not the struggle I’m talking about. I’m talking about sitting. Continue Reading

On things to do before 30

January 5, 2016

There's so much pressure to do stuff before 30, but perhaps it's time to take a look at what we already have accomplished. Join in at the blog!
With the big 3-0 nearing, I found myself pondering all the ‘to do before 30’ lists. I once read a quote saying that if you haven’t achieved anything before 30, you never will. It always stuck with me, enticing me to do things and to try to become the best version of me as  soon as possible. Before 30, anyways. Continue Reading

Stack: the new kind of magazine subscription

November 8, 2015

Stack Magazines

Did you hear about Stack already? I just stumbled upon it and haven’t tried it yet, but boy, does it seem to be the answer to all my magazine-boredness related problems. I’ve always loved reading magazines, but ever since the internet got really, really big, it seems that quite some of the magazines I used to read are obsolete on Continue Reading

On books: Ready Player One

August 11, 2015

Ready Player One - Book review | Like dystopian stories AND eighties nostalgia? Then this book might just be for you! Click through for an in-depth review.
So yes, I’m a book nerd. I love spending my evenings with a good story and a hot cuppa. When I moved  in with my boyfriend, I got rid of a lot of my furniture and stuff. BUT. My one condition was that all of my books were coming with me (well, and my favorite chair, the cabinet that used to belong to my grandparents, my collection of vintage Continue Reading