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November 8, 2015

Stack Magazines

Did you hear about Stack already? I just stumbled upon it and haven’t tried it yet, but boy, does it seem to be the answer to all my magazine-boredness related problems. I’ve always loved reading magazines, but ever since the internet got really, really big, it seems that quite some of the magazines I used to read are obsolete on the day they come out. Once a week or even month they bring us the ‘news’ that no one’s been waiting for – we’ve seen it online.

Another thing about the classic magazines for me is that they cater to a very broad public – young women who are into fashion, young professionals (f) who are into fashion, or young-ish women who dream of having the perfect house (whilst looking fantastic, obviously), to name a few examples. A lot of people fall into these categories, which means a lot of people have to be kept satisfied. As such, not a lot is left to anyone’s imagination. Buy any of the household titles in magazine land, and chances are you’ll find one or more articles on the new fashion trends for the season // how to loose weight fast // how you shouldn’t loose weight fast as it’s all about changing your lifestyle // incorporating the copper or concrete trend in your living room // getting ahead at your job even though you’re a woman (or ‘while using your woman-super powers’) // organizing your life // the type of girlfriend/mother/wife/friend you are.

I want to read something that is more me, or that at least tries harder to stimulate or incite me. We all know that there are tons of new and independent magazines out there, both online and in print, that cater to a much more specific public. Find a favorite, and you’ll read and re-read it time and time again. It will become a loved keepsake (that’s how it works for me, anyway). The only problem is, how do you find such a favorite, that one magazine (or two, or five!) that fits you perfectly?

I got you, because this is where Stack comes in. Stack does the searching and curating for you, so that if you subscribe you’ll get new and amazing independent magazines delivered to your door each month. High quality of course, they know what they like at Stack. Or as founder Steven Watson says it himself, he started Stack because he thought ‘people wanted something better to read. There are piles of fantastic magazines out there just waiting to be discovered, and Stack makes it cheaper and easier than ever for people to find and enjoy them’.

Sounds good, no? A yearly subscription costs under 11 euros a month, which is less than you’d pay for those independent magazines if you go out to buy them yourself. And,  and I love the people at Stack for mentioning this, by subscribing you’ll greatly improve your mail. No longer just bills and junk mail. Yay for surprises each month!

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