Tales on Tuesday – a new series

April 5, 2016

Do more of what makes you happy - Tales on Tuesday by WeirdatHeart.com
In light of me wanting to put more focus on my writing, even though an actual book might not be in the works just yet, I have decided to bring a new column to the blog: Tales on Tuesday. Because a little explanation might be in order, here goes:

After minoring in Journalism and New Media a couple of years ago I was asked to start working as a journalist for my university, and later on also got offered the position of columnist for the monthly newsletter. From there on I continued to become a writer for the uni’s master blog, and I absolutely loved it.

Although I enjoyed the journalism thing as I got to visit many fun and interesting events, and talk to even more interesting (and often weird – in the best sense!) people, the columns and blogs really got my heart singing. Not in the last place because of the freedom I had in writing them. Such a pain at first, to tell a story in just 400 words, but something that got easier over time, and in the meantime definitely improved my writing.

I haven’t done anything with this love since graduation, and I think that’s a shame. So there it is: Tuesday Tales. Every Tuesday I will post a personal column, focusing on funny things I’ve experienced, people I’ve crossed paths with, current events that made me wonder, and whatever else might catch my fancy.

At the start of this series, I will mix new tales with the ones I’ve written previously for the newsletter and student blog. Why? Because although they are sometimes rather student-oriented or talking about ‘new’ things that are not so new anymore, I love them still. And things you love, you share.

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