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April 26, 2016
Tales on Tuesday: Soundtrack - weirdatheart.com

Photo: Wim Sonius

Dusk is falling as we walk onto the gangway. Above us the first stars slowly start to show as white specks in a progressively darker sky. Carefully we make our path through palm trees and carnivorous plants, when suddenly we hear a familiar tune. In the depths below us a string quartet has just started playing the main title of Game of Thrones.

It is Museum Night in Leiden, and my mom (my date for the night) and I are the only ones in the topmost part of the tropical glasshouse at the Hortus Botanicus when the musicians commence their performance. That moment high up in the glasshouse, caught between the plants and stars is quite special to begin with, but accompanied by that music? Epic. And you know what, life is not nearly epic enough.

More moments should have their own soundtrack. Imagine walking into a room full of people to George’s ultimate strut-your-stuff song Too Funky, or politely speaking with your unreasonable boss to the tones of Fuck You. There is nothing to get you through more depressive days like having this on repeat, and at the same time there’s no way your day can be anything but awesome after having Shining Star play during waking up.

Imagine watching a movie without the music. It would be horrible, with ninety percent of emotions lost. And that is how we live our daily lives! No soundtrack, what a sad world indeed.

Perhaps I’ve seen to many movies, but music to me is quintessential to conveying feelings. And I cannot listen to music that does not fit my state of mind. Even as a teenager when putting together a cd I wouldn’t just put on random songs I happened to like at that particular time, but instead would take great care in composing cd’s based on moods. I’d have a ‘happy songs’ disc, or a ‘beautiful’ one. Beautiful in this case being a euphemism for ‘perfect for crying your eyes out: a) over unrequited love, or b) just because’.

In any case, music makes things better. I’m sure it will be a long time before we see people all blasting out their personal soundtrack for every action they undertake. It might also not be very feasible sound wise, as I’m sure there are loads of complicated regulations in place to keep everyone from going deaf.

But as we wait for these trifles to be sorted out, let me propose that from now on, at least whenever you’ve got to do something out of your comfort zone, you’ll play the Game of Thrones theme in your head. I bet you’ll walk taller, feel stronger and sexier, more confident to do your thing.

Just make sure not to die a gruesome and unexpected dead though. No need to get into character that much.


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