Summer lounging

July 30, 2015


hanging tent
Summer in the Netherlands is not great at the moment. In fact, we’ve just had the worst July storm in Dutch history and it’s been overall fall weather for the last few weeks. During the last two-day stint of summer, I got around to repainting the small table and chairs on our balcony. We saved the set from the in-laws when they moved out of their previous apartment and were about to throw it, but it was a rusty, filthy mess.

Having finally upcycled it into something nice that we actually enjoy using, I’ve been a bit sad to have only seen moody skies with fierce blowing winds outside of the window since. They say summer will come back soon, so we’ll see. You never know here in my corner of the world. For now at least I’m just obsessing over big gardens and amazing lounges on my computer screen. Luckily its always summer online.

How great are that romantic evening spot and the hanging tent made out of an old trampoline above? I’m sure kids would love it, but give me a good book and I don’t think I’d ever leave that tent myself either. And these two below sure don’t look too shabby either:

lounge swing

Pallet Swing Bed
None of these would ever work on my balcony, but you know what? I would be content if we could just have dinner on the balcony tonight, sitting on our freshly painted small metal chairs, watching the bees zoom around the plants, and checking whether there are any new tomatoes ready for harvesting. I will have a garden one day, I know it. And once that day comes, I’ll be ready for it.

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