Cups by Pols Potten

July 29, 2015

Pols Potten
I’ve been eyeing this pattern by Pols Potten for quite a while. In grey, blue and black it’s a lot darker than what I usually go for in dinnerware, but for some reason this specific pattern got me mesmerized. I really, really like it. I’d been seeing it on a set of bread plates in one shop, and then on a salad bowl in another, but I never got to actually purchasing any. I prefer my breakfast sandwich on a lighter plate, and I just didn’t need another salad bowl, really.

An then I came upon these beauties. After moving in with my boyfriend earlier this year I got rid of a lot of the cups I had collected during my student years, most of them dismissed for not being my style, or being overtly girly and as such not the boyfriend’s style. And so it was that I found myself looking at these wonderful cups and didn’t find a reason not to buy them.

Now they are mine, and I know that I will love them for years to come, having admired the pattern for so long from afar. Pols Potten is a Dutch brand that hand makes all its porcelain products with old fashioned skills, which is something that definitely speaks to me. However, I must admit that I probably would have bought these cups were they made in a Chinese mass-production factory as well. You can’t argue with love.

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