Friday Favorite – Birambi message in a bottle

January 6, 2017

Friday Favorite - Birambi fresh start |

Loads of people seem to dislike January. I really don’t understand what that’s all about. ‘But Sarah,’ I hear you say, ‘it’s January. That cold and grey scumbag, that bleakest of months…’ Well, bullshit, that’s what I call that. If you’re going to be negative, it doesn’t matter what month it is. Of course there can be bad days, but to write off an entire month just on the idea that it will be a bad one, that’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. And a waste of four perfectly good weeks. Four pretty darn great weeks, if you think about it. It’s January. There’s skiing and sledding, long walks in the snow, mugs of hot cocoa to thaw your fingers and loads of leftover chocolate and other good stuff from the holidays. Guilt-free this time around, as you’re doing so much better than this time last month already. You are owning those new year’s resolutions!

But. I know that no matter how often I’ll say this, it’s just not how everyone feels about it. Some people might have all sort of aches and pains that get worse in the cold. Some people have an anxiety disorder or find themselves in the midst of depression, and really don’t care what months it is – it just sucks. Some people just plain hate winter. What do you do about it, eh?

Well, you let them know that it’s okay. You let them know that you love them.


Friday Favorite - Birambi get lucky |

And Elbrig and Nikkie of Birambi have come up with the perfect way to do so. Through their site you can send those you love a tiny gift and personalized message in a bottle. Well, a test tube really, which is even better. And to top it all off they share some DIYs for projects to undertake with the test tubes once you’ve taken their contents out.

Friday Favorite - Birambi celebrate | gifts come in three categories: jewelry, printables and – my favorite – little gifts. This latest category ranges from lucky dolls to bath salts, and tea to confetti. I found out about Birambi myself because a friend once sent me a test tube of hot chocolate, filled with cocoa powder, chocolate nibs and tiny marshmallows. A sweet tag on the outside, ans ever sweeter message on the inside, and a great finger thawer on a cold January afternoon.


Friday Favorite - Birambi me time |


The prices are good too, as Elbrig and Nikkie state the goal of Birambi as ‘making people happy, rather than making a big profit’. So do you know someone who could use a little pick-me-up, or just want to show a friend you’re thinking of them? Be sure to check out Birambi. Yes, December has been great and warm and fuzzy and all that, but we shouldn’t stop spreading the love just because it’s January. Hell, together let’s make January great again.



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