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May 13, 2016

Guys! I came across this Kickstarter project and it’s amazing. FormBox is a desktop mold-maker with which you can basically start a production line from your kitchen table. Or just make a one of a kind design item for your house – no fancy diploma needed. Just a vacuum cleaner, because that is what’s used to power the FormBox.

FormBox production line -

FormBox production line mold -

FormBox production line planter -
The guys of Mayku, the company behind the FormBox, are on a mission to bring the big machines you’ll usually find in factories to our homes, smaller and a bit more simplified of course, but enabling you to use the techniques that are used in factories in your own living room. And the FormBox is just the first of what they’re hoping will be many more.

Making a banana light

FormBox banana lamp –

FormBox banana lamp -
In the video above you can see the FormBox being used in many different ways. From easily stocking up your Etsy shop with a line of small planters, to an amazing banana lamp (how cool is that one?!), to a personalized chocolate bar saying well done to a friend. But I’d say the possibilities are endless.

FormBox hocolate mold template -

FormBox hocolate mold template -

FormBox hocolate mold template -
And if your imagination happens to be rather more limited than those possibilities, you need not worry either – you’ll have access to an online library with projects shared by makers all around the world.

FormBox objects collage -

FormBox soap box -
With the campaign only launched about a week and a half ago, FormBox has already raised a little under $400,000 of the original $50,000 goal. Don’t worry though, you can still get your own FormBox. The campaign runs for another 20 days, but don’t hesitate too long. These babies are truly selling like hot cakes!


A little heads up: I’m am now quickly going to pack my suitcase as I’m leaving for Bulgaria early tomorrow morning (I’m so organized, I know). I will probably have very little access to internet while I’m there as I will be spending quite some time in a remote area, but I promise I’ll be back soon. It’s only a week! Xx



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